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Paddock Stands vs abba Superbike Stand

Conventional Paddock Stands are at best clumsy and at worst dangerous! Fortunately there is an alternative which is superior in every way - the abba Superbike Stand.

Conventional Paddock Stand

If you have ever tried to use a conventional paddock stand, race stand or pit stand on your own before you will know just how awkward and somewhat scary it can be.

When trying to fit a paddock stand to your motorcycle you do not have total control of the bike at any time as you are trying to do two jobs (holding the bike upright and operating the paddock stand) all at the same time.

Because a paddock stand does not "lock" in anyway to the motorbike it offers very little support to the motorcycle when lifted.

Maintenance is also limited when using a conventional paddock stand because it loads up the rear suspension and can limit access to the rear wheel.

abba Superbike Stand

When Using the abba superbike stand all these aspects change.

You fit the abba stand when the motorcycle is leaning on its own side stand therefore not being rushed by having to hold the bike upright at the same time.

The abba superbike stand connects and "locks" to the swing arm pivot making the motorcycle extremely stable when lifting and when upright.

The abba stand allows far more maintenance to be carried out then a conventional paddock stand, because the abba superbike stand lifts from the centre of the machine, which allows the rear of the machine to be completely disassembled including the shock, linkage and even the swing arm (with an optional adapter).

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