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Component kit

$ 25.00
  • Component kit
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Product Details for the Component kit

If you have damaged or lost any components, or just fancy making your Superbike Stand look like new this is the kit you will require.

This kit includes: x1 handle grip, x3 square inserts, x1 thumb screw, x1 grub screw & 3mm hex key.



Key Features of the Component kit at a Glance

  • Make you Superbike Stand look fresh by replacing old tatty components.
  • Simple & easy to install in seconds.

frequently Asked Questions for the abba component kit

  1. How do I fit the rubber handle grip to the abba superbike stand?

    The best way to fit the grip over the tube on the superbike stand is by spraying hair spray (yes hair spray!) inside the grip and over the tube itself. This will allow the grip to slide on very easily, once dry the stickiness of the hair spray acts like glue and the grip will be held firmly in place. If you do not have hair spray you can use hot water and washing up liquid which does a similar job.
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