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Pro Workshop Package

$ 949.00
  • Pro Workshop Package
  • Superbike Stand and Front Lift Arm
  • Superbike Stand
  • Front Lift Arm
  • Superbike Stand and Front Lift Arm
  • Technicians kit
  • Technicians kit
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Product Details for the Pro Workshop Package

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This package combines the three main items needed for all motorcycle dealers, Workshops, detailers and tyre fitters as well as any motorcycle enthusiasts. This kit allows the user to fit the abba superbike stand to over 350+ different models of motorcycle by simply changing the "fitting ends" supplied in the technicians kit.

To see a full list of bikes/motorcycles that can be used with the Technicians Kit please click here.

This package contains:

abba Superbike Stand - Full product details here.

abba Front Lift Arm - Full product details here.

abba Technicians Kit - Full product details here.

  • Buy together at this package price and save $$$

Product Protected under various patent laws.

Key Features of the Pro Workshop Package at a Glance

  • Safe, quick and simple operation.
  • Extremely stable
  • No Modification needed to the motorcycle.
  • Can be fitted to conventional twin and single sided swing arm models.
  • Can be used on over 350 models of motorcycle.
  • Fittings can be changed on the stand in seconds.
  • Can be upgraded year on year for new models.
  • Allows a bike to be fully disassembled down to the bare frame and Swing-Arm. (Swing-Arm can be removed with optional adapter)
  • The Technicians kit now has 50 separate fittings to adapt the Superbike Stand to fit over 350+ models of motorcycle. Fits motorbikes from the early 1980's through to brand new current models!
  • Pro Workshop Package

    Demonstration of the abba Superbike Stand and Front Lift Arm. Being fitted to Honda Fireblade.

  • Superbike Stand

    Video showing full details of the abba Superbike Stand. Being fitted to Yamaha R1.

  • Superbike Stand Instructional Video

    Superbike Stand Instructional Video

  • Front Lift Arm Instructional Video

    A detailed video showing how to assemble and operate the abba Front lift Arm

Customer Reviews of the Pro Workshop Package

  • I Have just received my Abba Superbike stand and front arm stand & tech kit I'd just like to say what a outstanding service I have received great product and amazing customer service 10/10 if only all businesses worked like your. Well done. Thankyou. Gleam machine Motorcycle valeting.<br />

    D Birchall , Kent


Frequently Asked Questions for abba Pro Workshop Package

  1. What kind of bikes does this package cover?

    The Technicians kit covers a vast range of motorcycles including Sports, Sports Tourers and Superbikes from the ealry 1980's through to current day motorcycles. Twin sided and single sided swing-arm models. It will also fit many other motorcycles not listed in the comprehensive fitment guide just by matching up a correct fitting sizes to the swing arm pivot hole or bolt/nut head.
  2. Is it easy to convert the stand from one bike to the next?

    It couldn't be easier! The fittings simply insert into the stand in seconds, the same as fitting sockets on a wrench.
  3. Your stand fits on the swing-arm pivot, how can I remove my swing-arm?

    We sell an optional swing-arm removal kit which fits onto the footrest hanger mounts. This then allows you to fit the stand with access to the swing-arm pivot, in this mode you can strip the bike down to the bare frame.
  4. Can I use the stand on top of my existing work bench?

    The abba superbike stand will fit on some workbenches, depending on the width of the bench. You will need a bench width of 26.5" or more. If the bench is not wide enough its a simple case of using a piece of ply board to splay the width of the stand across the bench.
  5. Does this product come with a guarantee?

    Absolutely! As with all abba products, and to give you complete peace of mind, we offer a full 3 year guarantee.
  6. How quick is Shipping?

    For full shipping information please see our Shipping information page.

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