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Front Lift Arm

$ 219.00
  • Front Lift Arm
  • Front Lift Arm shown in use with Superbike Stand.
  • Front Lift Arm shown in use with Superbike Stand.
  • Front Lift Arm shown in use with Superbike Stand.
  • Strap shown fitted around Swing-Arm.
  • Strap shown fitted around optional bobbin adapter.
  • Strap shown fitted around optional Hub Spindle for single sided Swing-Arm machines.
  • Front Lift Arm shown fitted to Superbike Stand.
  • Front Lift Arm shown fitted to Superbike Stand.
  • Optional Bobbin Adapter (Various sizes shown)
  • Optional Hub Spindles (Various sizes shown)
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Select your Bike Model below to see if you need a fitting kit/adapter.

Product Details for the Front Lift Arm

  • Prices include Shipping to Australia - No additional taxes, fees or GST to pay on this product!

Note: abba Superbike stand NOT included.

The abba Front lift arm is designed to be used in conjunction with the abba superbike stand for lifting both wheels off the ground with ease.

This simple but very effective product can be fitted to any abba superbike stand new or old. It is compatible with virtually all motorcycles that the superbike stand accommodates.

With the front lift arm fitted this will enable you to gain full access to the front end of the motorcycle which is perfect for cleaning and full maintenance. If required the front end can be completely disassembled including the front wheel, forks, triple clamps and head bearings etc.

The lifting strap provided can be used either around the swing arm of the bike, on an existing paddock stand bobbin or using our optional bobbin adapter which is designed specifically to work with the front lift arm.

If you have a single sided swing arm motorcycle you will require one of our "hub spindles" to enable you to use this product on your bike.

Select your bike from the drop down menu's above and any optional adapters will be shown, which can then be purchased if required.

Note: abba Superbike stand NOT included.


Key Features of the Front Lift Arm at a Glance

  • Fits virtually all motorcycles that the superbike stand accommodates.
  • Fitting takes just a few moments.
  • Does not restrict access or get in the way when working on the wheels of your bike.
  • Will fit on any abba superbike stand, new or old.
  • Bike stays very secure when in position.
  • Allows full maintenance. Both wheels can be removed, either on there own or at the same time. The whole bike can be dismantled down to the bare frame and swing arm if required.
  • Supplied with a quality lifting strap.
  • Off loads both front and rear suspension, ideal for all maintenance and long term storage.
  • All abba products are designed & developed in the UK at our headquarters in Essex by skilled engineers with over 30 years experience in the motorcycle industry.
  • Made to the highest standards and all backed up with a full guarantee for peace of mind.
  • Front Lift Arm

    abba Superbike Stand and Front Lift Arm shown being fitted to Honda Fireblade.

  • Front Lift Arm Instructional Video

    A detailed video showing how to assemble and operate the abba Front lift Arm

Customer Reviews of the Front Lift Arm

  • I've had one of your Superbike stands for years now and it's been essential for maintenance on many bikes I've owned. I ordered the front lift arm kit because I was fed up with my rather wobbly front paddock stand. Well.....absolutely fantastic! What a superb piece of kit. So simple too. Thanks Abba.

    Mr Mike Hiscocks, Oxfordshire

    Aprilia Tuono Factory 2007

  • I have the main superbike stand. Works well with 1198 and my 916. I recently added the front lift arm bit too as I needed to remove my front wheel. This works well too. So what you really want to hear is that both items work well. Simple. I could go on but they do what they say they do.

    Mark Glover, Surrey

    2011 Ducati 1198

  • Was at the NEC for the Motorcycle show and wanted a Front Lift Arm to go on my existing ABBA bike stand but he didn't have one to hand so one was sent to my home address free of charge and arrived only a few days later. Very impressed with the service! Also very impressed with the Front Lift Arm and how easy it is to use, one of the best bike accessories I've ever bought.

    Rachel Nicholson, Argyll & Bute

    KTM RC8

  • Service above excellent ***** stars. Ordered yesterday afternoon and front lift arm kit and adaptor for Suzuki just arrived 11:20 a.m.<br />Thanks guys,<br />Terry

    Terence Peter Morton, Cumbria

    Benelli 1130 tnt / Suzuki SV650S

  • Already have an ABBA Super bike stand and it is old, got when bike show used to be in Alexander palace, needed a fitting kit and front lift arm fot my Z1000SX so ordered the equipment and lift arm was going to take 5-7 days to deliver, well that's a real rough delivery time as I received all my equipment within 4 days, well impressed and well done ABBA stands service and product is second to none keep up the great work.

    Stephen milbourne, ipswich

    kawsaki Z1000SX

Frequently Asked Questions for the abba front lift arm

  1. I have a very old abba superbike stand, will the front lift arm still fit?

    Yes. The Front Lift Arm will fit on any abba superbike stand whether its brand new or 15 years old!
  2. Is it ok to leave the front lift arm fitted to the bike for long periods of time, i.e winter storage?

    Yes it is, the Front Lift Arm supports only a small percentage of the bikes weight, the vast majority is taken by the main superbike stand itself. The superbike stand and front lift arm are perfect for long term safe storage of your bike.
  3. Do I have to locate the strap around a bobbin adapter?

    No. On all conventional twin sided Swing-Arm motorcycles the lifting strap can be used around the Swing-Arm itself. This is a slightly slower operation as the strap has to be looped around the Swing-Arm and back through the buckle each time.
  4. If I use a hub spindle on my single sided swing-arm bike, can I still remove the rear wheel?

    The hub spindle fits inside the rear wheel hub and therefore does not effect the removal of the rear wheel. Both wheels can be removed from the bike with the Superbike Stand and Front Lift Arm fitted.
  5. Does the abba superbike stand come with a guarantee?

    Absolutely! As with all abba products, and to give you complete peace of mind, we offer a full 3 year guarantee.
  6. How quick is Shipping?

    For full shipping information please see our Shipping information page.
  7. How can I obtain the product instructions?

    We have a page dedicated to product instructions this can also be found with other customer information under the "support tab" above.

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