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Swing Arm Removal Kit

$ 59.00
  • Swing Arm Removal Kit
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Product Details for the Swing Arm Removal Kit

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The Swing arm removal kit is a universal kit made to work in conjunction with the abba Superbike Stand & Sky Lift for removal of the swing-arm.

The kit works by removing your original foot rest hanger bolts on both sides of your bike, the swing arm removal kit then bolts directly to the bike frame in the foot rest hanger position with the bolts supplied (8mm thread).

Once fitted the Superbike Stand/Sky Lift will then locate on the swing arm removal kit. This will then give you full access to the swing arm pivot bolt so the swing-arm can be completely removed.

When lifting in this way the whole bike can be disassembled down to the bare frame.

This kit fits a vast range of motorcycles, all bikes with 8mm threaded foot rest hanger bolts.

  • NOTE: The swing arm removal kit should be used for removing the swing arm only and is not intended for normal daily use. The kit should ONLY be used with the Superbike Stand (not Front Lift Arm) and the Sky Lift in the stoppie position (with the front wheel on the ground).

Key Features of the Swing Arm Removal Kit at a Glance

  • A seemingly impossible task of removing a motorcycle Swing-Arm is made safe and simple using this kit.
  • Will work in conjunction with any abba Superbike Stand or Sky Lift new or old.
  • Supplied with 8mm bolts ready to fit.
  • Fits a vast range of motorcycles.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Machined with state of the art CNC machinery using high quality materials.

Customer Reviews of the Swing Arm Removal Kit

  • I have been using the superbike stand for a while now and am very impressed with the ease of use, sturdiness of construction and how secure the bike is while on it. Sadly, due to a sheared off bolt I had to take the swing arm off so ordered the swing arm removal kit. This arrived by post the next day....less than 20hrs later...wow. It is dead simple to fit and use and allowed the easy removal of the swing arm...just as described. These are fantastic products supplied by a fantastic company that obviously employs people that care...cannot praise you all enough...good job and well done. Thanks from a very happy customer...and yes, the recommendations are being given out at every oppertunity

    Guy Kerr, West Yorkshire


  • Got this kit to remove the swingarm from my 2010 CBR1000RR, this removal kit bolts in with the footrests in place. This makes the job so much easier than removing the exhaust and using axle stands under the frame. Such a simple but effective design! Taking my time, I had the swingarm out within 30 mins. I had to remove the left footrest heel plate on the CBR1000rr to get the clearance to remove the swingarm with the footrests fitted.

    Jason David Beggs, Bangor

    Honda 2010 CBR1000RR

Frequently Asked Questions for abba swing-arm removal kit

  1. Will the Swing Arm Removal Kit fit my bike?

    The kit is a universal product. It uses 8mm threaded bolts which is considered the normal size for most Japanese and European motorcycles. There are a few exceptions to this, if unsure it is a simple case of removing one of the bolts from the foot rest hanger on your bike and measuring the bolt size. If your still unsure please contact us.
  2. Can I fit the Swing Arm Removal Kit onto the Foot rest hanger, instead of removing the hanger and fitting to the frame?

    In some cases (as shown in pictures above on Honda Fireblade) the kit can be fitted directly on to the hanger itself. Once you have removed the hanger bolt from the bike offer the Swing Arm Removal Kit to the hanger and if it sits flush or inserts inside then it can be fixed to this point, otherwise remove or lower the hanger and fit directly to the frame.
  3. Can I use this kit all the time instead of using the abba Superbike Stand on the swing arm pivot?

    In theory yes, however we recommend this kit is only used for when you need to remove the Swing-Arm. Although this kit is still stable and secure, using the Superbike Stand on the Swing-Arm pivot with the correct fitting kit is a far better solution for constant use. Using this kit would also be much slower as you would have to fit and remove the kit each time you use the stand.
  4. Will I need to use the nuts included in the kit?

    If you are fitting the kit directly to the foot rest hanger mounts on the frame the nuts will not be required. Sometimes the nuts can be used (more information in question 5).
  5. Are there any other places on my bike the kit can be fitted?

    Often the swing arm removal kit can be fitted to after market rear sets or heel plates, some are pre threaded with 8mm holes. Others have plain non threaded holes, in this instance you can use the M8 nuts provided in the kit to bolt the Swing Arm Removal Kit to the rear sets. Note: It is very important that you use the exact same hole location on either side of the bike
  6. Does this product come with a guarantee?

    Absolutely! As with all abba products, and to give you complete peace of mind, we offer a full 3 year guarantee.
  7. How quick is Shipping?

    For full shipping information please see our Shipping information page.
  8. How can I obtain the product instructions?

    We have a page dedicated to product instructions this can also be found with other customer information under the "support tab" above.

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