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Sky Lift

$ 1,499.00
  • Sky Lift
  • Sky Lift in Horizontal position
  • Sky Lift in Horizontal position
  • abba Sky Lift in Horizontal position
  • Sky Lift in Horizontal position Rear wheel removed.
  • Sky Lift in Stoppie position
  • Sky Lift in Stoppie position (both wheels off ground)
  • Sky Lift in wheelie position
  • Sky Lift in wheelie position
  • Strap attached around swing arm.
  • Strap attached around optional bobbin adapter
  • Strap attached around Hub Spindle (for Single sided swing arm bikes)
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Product Details for the Sky Lift

If you're looking to raise your bike up high off the ground and make working on the floor a thing of the past, then look no further than our Sky Lift! This product will make even the most awkward & tricky jobs on your bike an absolute breeze.

The Sky Lift sets the standard in motorcycle lifts with its safety, versatility, maneuverability and above all usability.

Adaptable to fit over 300 different models of motorcycle without the need for modification to your machine, lift your bike high off the ground at 3 different angles, maneuver your bike around freely using its four high quality casters and be able to do all this and more safely on your own then its easy to see why the abba Sky Lift is considered by us as well as many industry experts to be the new "benchmark" in motorcycle lifts!

The Sky Lift utilizes the same proven fitting kit system (more details here) as the award winning abba superbike stand and therefor fittings can be shared between both products. With the Lifts built is CE approved hydraulic foot pump the Sky Lift will raise your bike to a very comfortable working height. With your bike lifted in any position the Sky Lifts high quality castors (which include brakes) mean you can effortlessly move your bike around or tuck the bike away in the garage.

 One Lift, three positions....

  • The Horizontal lifting position allows you to simply raise the bike with both wheels level like a traditional bench lift.
  • The Rear wheel high (stoppie position) is perfect for working on the rear end of the bike and allows access to area's on your bike you would have struggled to get to before. This will raise the rear end of the bike higher off the ground than most workbench's!
  • The Front wheel high ( wheelie position) will raise the bikes front wheel to around eye level taking the back ache out of front end maintenance and cleaning. This will raise the front end of the bike higher off the ground than most workbench's!

The abba Sky Lift requires no modifications or parts to be permanently fitted to your bike whatsoever, your machine stays totally standard. The lift fits to the swing arm pivot of the motorcycle and connects at the rear of the swing arm via a support strap (depending on lifting position). Should you change your motorcycle its a simple case of upgrading your fitting kit for your new machine, fittings can be changed for different models in a matter of seconds and are relatively cheap to purchase.

With all these advantages and many more, not to mention our 25 years of highly regarded backup and customer service its easy to see why the abba Sky Lift is the straight forward choice as the ultimate accessory for your motorcycle.

  • NEW - Now supplied with our 3rd generation hydraulic ram. The new internals of our latest ram, combined with the foot pedal operation mean the lifting speed is around 40% faster than shown in some of our original videos. It now only takes around 35 seconds to lift to max height!

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Sky Lift Gallery - See many photos of different motorcycles on the Sky Lift, photos provided from previous customers.

Fitting Application - If you need more detailed information on where the Sky Lift fits to your bike, or how our fitting kits work you should find it here.

Product instructions - Can be found on this page.

Design Registration No. 002569491

No other product comes close to giving you the same level of maneuverability, security or flexibility as the abba Sky Lift


Key Features of the Sky Lift at a Glance

  • No modifications or parts to be permanently fitted, your bike stays totally standard.
  • One person, quick and simple operation.
  • No more lifting your wheels 2-3 inches off the ground as with normal stands, start lifting them 3-4 feet off the ground!
  • Easy to raise the bike off the ground with its CE approved, foot operated hydraulic pump.
  • If you change your bike, simply change your fitting kit. Remember, unlike many motorcycle lifts that fit only a hand full of bikes you wont be left stranded... This lift can be adapted to fit over 300+ different motorcycles and counting!
  • The bike stays very safe and secure, the Sky Lift locks to both sides of the swing-arm pivot for maximum security.
  • Eliminates flat spots on tires - perfect for long term winter storage.
  • Off loads suspension front and rear unlike conventional paddock stands.
  • The bike can be locked off at 4 separate height positions for additional safety. (No load on hydraulic pump)
  • The wheels, forks, triple clamps, shock & engine can all be removed, in fact everything down to the bare frame! Even the swing-arm can be removed with our Swing Arm Removal Kit.
  • Takes up considerably less space and allows far more access than a workbench/table.
  • Allows you to reach virtually every component on a motorcycle at a comfortable working height.
  • Fully maneuverable, push your bike into the corner of the garage and wheel back out when work needs to be done!
  • Made with thick gauge and high grade materials for ultimate safety and longevity. The abba Sky Lift is built to last!
  • Now supplied with our 3rd generation hydraulic ram. The new internals of our latest ram, combined with the foot pedal operation mean the lifting speed is around 40% faster than shown in some of our original videos. It now only takes around 35 seconds to lift to max height!
  • All abba products are designed & developed in the UK at our headquarters in Essex by skilled engineers with over 30 years experience in the motorcycle industry.
  • Made to the highest standards and all backed up with a full guarantee for peace of mind.

Design Registration No. 002569491

  • Sky Lift Video 1

    New Product demonstration video of the abba Sky Lift, lifting a Suzuki Hayabusa.

  • Sky Lift Video 2

    Sky Lift instructional video showing all key features and how to fully operate the lift. Lifting a Yamaha FZ1.

  • Sky Lift Video 3

    Assembly video showing how to fully assemble the abba Sky Lift.

Customer Reviews of the Sky Lift

  • This is the best lift on the market for price vs flexibility hands down! After a lot of research on lifts available this gives me everything I need and is safe and secure. If you want a 1 person lift that you can virtually do any repair or maintenance without a whole bunch of needed accessories and that takes up less space than a bbq grill, then this is it. The lift is very sturdy weighing in a over 100 lbs put together but is very balanced and easily movable with the bike mounted. The only "CON" so far is that all my family and friends want to just buy the pins for their bikes and use it! A simple word of caution i could give is if your bike is customized you must consider this was designed with "stock height and length" bikes in mind. With that being said my ZX14 is lowered 2 inches and stretch 8 inches over stock and the lift still works flawlessly. Since the bike is lowered i have to stand it up and set the pins into the swingarm pivot, then begin to raise the bike/lift about 2 inches so that i can slide the bar in that then straps to the swingarm. Mind you the bike never leaves the ground until its completely secured.


    Kawasaki ZX14

  • I have been looking for some kind of lift/table to allow me to perform easier maintenance/ fixing of my bikes without having to lie or kneel for extended periods on the floor. However, with limited garage space available it has been quite a struggle as almost all bike tables are too large. That is until I saw the Abba Skylift. With the Skylift I can now raise the bike off the floor a substantial amount, this is great when you change your own tires, or for detailing the bottom part of the bike. It also makes looking under the bike easy without having to lay on the floor. Simply changed adapters for different bikes are a synch to change out. And may be the biggest bonus (especially for those with limited space) is that once hoisted you can wheel you bike around (in any direction) and park it flush up against the wall or in a corner. Highly recommended product and Abba's customer service was great to deal with.

    Simon Darch, Spartanburg, SC. USA

    BMW S1000R, BMW K1300S, BMW R1200GS

  • The abba Sky Lift is a brilliant concept...and the execution is impeccable and elegant. Once you have used the Sky Lift, the thought of using paddock and headlift stands seems archaic. The ease of motorcycle placement onto the lift should, in and of itself, persuade anyone who owns a motorcycle to give strong consideration to the purchase of abba Motorcycle Equipment products. Materials and fitment are outstanding. Instructions for assembly and use are complete and easily understood. For individuals who avoid assembling products for fear of becoming overwhelmed by scattered parts and hard to decipher instructions...rest assured that you will not only find all instructions and parts to be easily understood, concise and clearly labeled, but you will also find yourself feeling quite satisfied and fulfilled after having been empowered to successfully assemble your unit. The Sky Lift accommodates motorcycles of varying heights and geometry. The variety of vehicle position and placement provided by use of the Sky Lift is incredible. In fact, the variety provided by using the Sky Lift helps to meet just about any conceivable motorcycle owner's need whether the need is mild tinkering, in depth service/repair work, modification, cleaning/washing, or finding storage space solutions. The abba Sky Lift is nothing short of astounding. You can't possibly use this equipment without being impressed.

    Daniel Ibarra, Roanoke, VA, USA

    Ducati xDiavel S

  • I did a lot of research on bike lifts before purchasing the Abba Lift. This is the absolute best lift on the market. It is easy to use, you can work on the or the rear of the bike and best of all you can store your bike on this lift. The customer service at Abba is the best I have had anywhere hands down! I had a small issue with my lift after I got it and it was taken care of very very efficiently! I received an email each day after I submitted and email to them. I will say that you will love this lift and you can't go wrong purchasing from Abba.

    Jerry Mieczkowski, Normal, Illinois

    2015 BMW R 1200 RT

  • Great product and assembly on the Sky Lift was a breeze. I am very happy with the purchased, customer service was very helpful finding the right fitting for both of my bikes. Thank you!

    Akira Chanthabandith , Henrietta New York

    Honda Nsr250 & cbr900rr

Frequently Asked Questions for the abba Sky lift

  1. How do I Know if the Lift fits my bike?

    Use our drop down list above to select your motorcycle make, model and year. Once selected, any fitting kit required will be displayed, it will also display any optional bobbin Adapters or Hub Spindles. This list is constantly being updated so If you don't see your bike listed theres a good chance we may still be able to help you. Use the "ask us" form for more info.
  2. Do I need to modify my bike?

    Absolutely not! With the abba Sky Lift your bike will stay totally standard, no modifications or parts to be fitted ensuring your bike stays looking original, and you do not invalidate any Manufacturer warranty.
  3. What is the maximum weight the Sky Lift can take?

    If we manufacture a fitting kit for your bike it will safely lift the bikes weight, you can find this out by using the drop down menus to select your model. The Sky Lift incorporates a 3-Ton hydraulic pump. The lift itself can safely lift a 400kg motorcycle.
  4. Will it scratch or mark any part of my frame/swing-arm?

    No! Unlike paddock stands and other motorcycle lifts, virtually all our fitting kit are designed to fit onto the swing arm pivot bolt heads and do not come into contact with any part of the motorcycle swing arm or frame. Typically all our fittings fit over the swing arm pivot bolt head or inside the bolt hole or hex, just like fitting a socket/spanner or Hex key. No part of the set up has to be permanently attached to the bike, once your motorcycle is off the lift you would not ever know it had been fitted!
  5. Do I have to locate the strap around a bobbin adapter?

    Not necessarily. On all conventional twin sided Swing-Arm motorcycles the lifting strap can be used around the Swing-Arm itself. This is a slightly slower operation as the strap has to be looped around the Swing-Arm and back through the buckle each time. (The strap will not mark the swing arm) single sided swing-arm motorcycles will require a Hub spindle to locate the lifting strap around.
  6. If I use a hub spindle on my single sided swing-arm bike, can I still remove the rear wheel?

    The hub spindle fits inside the rear wheel hub and therefore does not effect the removal of the rear wheel. Both wheels can be removed from the bike when using the Sky Lift in conjunction with a Hub Spindle. The rear Hub and sprocket can also be removed by lifting the bike in the "Stoppie" position.
  7. Is it safe to leave my bike on the abba Sky Lift - i.e winter storage?

    Of course! Thats what the lift is designed for, you can leave your bike on the Sky Lift indefinitely. In fact if you do not use your bike for one day or one year the Lift will keep your bike safe, upright, prevent unnecessary flat spots on tyres and compression on shock/fork springs.
  8. Is the Sky Lift suitable for exterior use and lifting my bike for general washing and cleaning?

    All parts of the Sky lift are either zinc plated or powder coated. There is no issue's with using the product outside or washing your bike while its up on the Lift. The hydraulic pump cylinder is a bar steel finish so we advise this is wiped dry after washing your bike. If you intend to leave your bike on the Sky Lift outside for longer periods (like winter storage) we recommend removing the hydraulic pump from the lift during this long period. Due to the pressure load generated on the main lifting shaft by the roller guides, some areas of the shaft will mark/loose some of the paint finish. This has no effect on the longevity of the product and is purely cosmetic. If you are concerned a smear of light oil on the effected area would suffice.
  9. Do i have to store the bike at the highest lifting position?

    No, the lift has four locking positions (to release all pressure off hydraulic pump) that will enable you to store your bike at various heights, from just a few inches off the ground all the way up to maximum height!
  10. What do I do if I change my bike and need a new fitting kit?

    You simply order a new one... most common kits cost around $35. You can order either by telephone or on the fitting kit page of our online store. You can also use our Fitting Kit Compatibility Tool to see if you require a new fitting kit for your new bike. We have been developing abba fitting kits now for 25 years, each year we add to the range when new bike models come out.
  11. Your lift fits on the swing-arm pivot, how can I remove my Swing-Arm?

    We sell an optional swing-arm removal kit which fits onto the footrest hanger mounts. This then allows you to fit the lift with access to the swing-arm pivot, in this mode you can strip the bike down to the bare frame. When removing a Swing-Arm we recommend lifting the bike in the "Stoppie" position, this will allow you to raise the rear of the bike to your desired height.
  12. Can the Sky Lift be stored easily when not in use?

    Absolutely! When not in use the lift takes up very little space at all. If required the Sky Lift can be dismantled down within seconds and will even fit in the trunk of your car.
  13. Will i need any special tools for assembly?

    No. Assembly is very straight forward, you will just require a pair of adjustable wrenches or a socket/spanner set to tighten up 3 bolts sizes. (Socket/spanner sizes would need to be 19mm & 22mm & 24mm)
  14. How long does assembly and fitting take?

    When you first receive your Sky Lift some very basic assembly is required. This can be seen by watching our "Sky Lift Video 3" (Click on video tab above) Assembly takes around 15 minutes to complete. Once assembled the Sky Lift can be fitted to the bike with both wheels raised off the ground in a matter of seconds, to raise the bike to its very highest point will take an extra minute.
  15. How long does it take to raise the bike to maximum height?

    All new Sky Lifts sold come with our 3rd generation hydraulic pump which is foot operated. You can raise the bike so both wheels are off the ground in just a few seconds. To raise your bike from its resting point to maximum height only takes around 35 seconds.Lowering the bike to the ground takes a mear 5 seconds.
  16. Does the abba Sky Lift come with a guarantee?

    Absolutely! As with all abba products, and to give you complete peace of mind, we offer a full no quibble 3 year guarantee. As we do not manufacture the hydraulic pump in house the guarantee on this component is the manufactures standard 1 year guarantee.
  17. Is everything I need included?

    With the exception of a bike, yes! You will receive the full Sky Lift with wheels, foot operated hydraulic pump, lifting strap and fitting kit if required. (bobbin adapters are optional)
  18. I am worried about the reliability of the Hydraulic pump?

    We understand that purchasing anything hydraulic or electrical can have more reliability issues than something without. As the Hydraulic unit on our Sky Lift is capable of lifting 3 Ton, and bearing in mind most bikes we are lifting are under 300KG the unit is only being used at 10% of its capability. During extensive testing we have found the pumps to be extremely reliable. Remember, we only use the hydraulic unit for lifting and lowering. The bikes weight is not supported on the hydraulic unit for any length of time.
  19. Should something go wrong years down the line with the lift or hydraulic pump, what can be done?

    In the unlikely event you do have problems with your hydraulic pump, most parts including seal kits are available at low cost direct from us. We also sell the hydraulic unit at a "cost price" to existing customers, should the worst happen years down the line ensuring your lift will always be fully safe and functional. Unlike many products sold by other companies that have no parts back up, we can supply any part of the Sky lift on its own down to the last nut bolt and washer!
  20. How quick is Shipping?

     For full shipping information please see our Shipping information page.
  21. How can I obtain the product instructions?

    We have a page dedicated to product instructions this can also be found with other customer information under the "support tab" above
  22. Design Registration No. 002569491

Got a Question about the abba Sky Lift?

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For a faster response, during office hours, please phone 0044 1245 322331.

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